Warning Signs [Reese 2012]



My son Reese and I came up with “Warning Signs” in early October 2012. He/I would goof around with various verse combinations, but in trying to keep with an overall theme, this is all his 5 yr old attention span would allow.

I originally wanted him to sing the song by himself, but he wasn’t too receptive to that idea when I put the mic in front of him, so I opted for a shared vocal arrangement, which he was comfortable enough in and allowed me to record.

We recorded live, in one take, and then I went back and recorded a quick solo guitar track to accompany the rhythm track and vocals.


╘═ LYRICS ═╕

“Warning Signs”

It’s cold outside, and the ghosts are howling.
It’s cold outside, they wait for you.
A black cat, in a window sill,
the black cat, stares at you.

And there’s an old scarecrow, in a farmers field.
The old scarecrow, is warning you.
And there’s a horned owl, in a poplar tree.
The horned owl, says to you:

Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO


“Warning Signs”
Lyrics: Reese George & Michael George / Music: Michael George.
© 2012 Reese George & Michael George.

Warning Signs cover design by Michael George. Image “Great Horned Owl”, Plate 61, by John J Audubon. Public domain image.


MAP (Acid Pro Demos)


Here are two older tracks I made using the Acid Pro loop audio software. Both songs were created for fun, mainly to experiment with using loop editing software. “Tropic of Cancer” was my first attempt at using the Acid Express/Pro software. The demo is comprised of approx 8 separate wav samples I spliced and manipulated. Other than being overly long, it turned out ok.
The “Repeated Cuttings” track uses a guitar volume swell sample I made with my electric guitar and volume pedal, then loaded into Acid and layered loops on top of my repeated sample.


All songs written and performed by Michael George, except where noted.

01. “Tropic of Cancer [Demo]” © 2006 Michael George

03. “Repeated Cuttings [Demo – ACID Mix]” © 2010 Michael George



“MAP” cover design by Michael George. © 2018 Michael George. Cover image © Benjamin Voros/Unsplash.