Warning Signs [Reese 2012]



My son Reese and I came up with “Warning Signs” in early October 2012. He/I would goof around with various verse combinations, but in trying to keep with an overall theme, this is all his 5 yr old attention span would allow.

I originally wanted him to sing the song by himself, but he wasn’t too receptive to that idea when I put the mic in front of him, so I opted for a shared vocal arrangement, which he was comfortable enough in and allowed me to record.

We recorded live, in one take, and then I went back and recorded a quick solo guitar track to accompany the rhythm track and vocals.


╘═ LYRICS ═╕

“Warning Signs”

It’s cold outside, and the ghosts are howling.
It’s cold outside, they wait for you.
A black cat, in a window sill,
the black cat, stares at you.

And there’s an old scarecrow, in a farmers field.
The old scarecrow, is warning you.
And there’s a horned owl, in a poplar tree.
The horned owl, says to you:

Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO, Oo-woo-oO


“Warning Signs”
Lyrics: Reese George & Michael George / Music: Michael George.
© 2012 Reese George & Michael George.

Warning Signs cover design by Michael George. Image “Great Horned Owl”, Plate 61, by John J Audubon. Public domain image.